How to Develop Clairvoyance



When you have voyance discount, you’re able to see energy, or vibrational patterns. These may come in the form of images, sounds or feelings. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive answers from your Higher Spirits, even though they might seem vague or random at first. This is because your clairvoyant abilities are connected to your imagination, and the word ‘imagination’ literally means “creating with imagery.” You might also have the ability to see things that happen outside of the physical here and now. This feeling is often referred to as “deja vu.”

The Art of Clairvoyance: Understanding the Gift of Psychic Sight

Clairvoyance can be scary, especially when you’re alone and don’t know how to interpret or explain the flashes of light, images or visions you’re experiencing. It’s important to find a friend who is working on developing their intuition and clairvoyance skills, so that you can talk about these experiences and analyze them together.

Meditation is the best exercise to develop and strengthen your clairvoyant abilities. You can use a guided meditation or simply focus on the third eye and visualize it opening and strengthening. You can also use crystals to help with this process, such as cherry opal, yellow labradorite and aquamarine. These stones encourage the development of your clairvoyance and facilitate clear seeing during meditation. They can be placed on your third eye, in a mala around the neck or under your pillow. Lastly, don’t forget to journal and daydream about these clairvoyant experiences to help you decipher what they are trying to say to you.

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