Black Moor Goldfish Care


Neocaridina shrimp  are fancy creatures that make an excellent addition to your aquarium. They are social and easy to care for. Their deep coloration and telescopic eyes make them stand out from other goldfish varieties.

Like most fish species Black Moors are susceptible to some common fish diseases, but with proper treatment these can be avoided. Their biggest killer is swim bladder disorder which can occur when they are fed a low quality diet that doesn’t contain enough vegetables and live food. Symptoms include the fish bouncing on the surface with an intestine full of gas.

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As with all fish, the health of your Black Moor will depend on the water conditions. They do best in a tank with moderate water temperature, a good amount of filtration and plenty of gravel for the fish to hide in. There are no set minimum tank sizes for Black Moors but they need a large tank to ensure adequate swimming space. The water should be soft, with a pH between 6.0-8.0 and low levels of ammonia (1 ppm).

They should not be kept with aggressive or territorial tank mates as they may nip at the long flowing fins of these slow-moving creatures. This type of behavior can lead to a variety of issues, including fin rot and stress.

A varied diet is a must for your Black Moors to ensure a healthy and vibrant coloration. They can be given dry pellets or flakes and will also appreciate live food such as brine shrimp, bloodworms and worms. If you are using dry foods, they should be presoaked in the aquarium water before feeding as this will help them digest them easier.

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