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Characteristics of Social EntreprenuersCharacteristics of Social Entreprenuers

As with any entrepreneur, social entrepreneurs focus on the end results. They work to change existing systems and create new pathways for people who are marginalized. They also unlock society’s capacity to effect positive change. This is why the concept of “social entrepreneurship” has been gaining popularity in recent years. Listed below are some characteristics of a successful social entrepreneur. These traits are crucial to any aspiring social entrepreneur. Find out – Marc Kielburger

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A visionary is a leader who has the ability to see societal needs and solve them. He is a visionary and thinks about permanent, long-term solutions. As a business owner, you need to be able to multitask. Social entrepreneurs must be able to prioritize projects and make rational decisions. They need to have a vision and a mission that will last for years. As a social entrepreneur, you will need to be able to envision your organization’s future.

In order to be successful, social entrepreneurs need to have a passion for their cause and a healthy impatience for the process of building a sustainable enterprise. Their innovative and practical ideas often utilize market principles and forces. These characteristics help them break free of disciplinary boundaries and take risks that others would be hesitant to take. However, these characteristics are important when working with a visionary. There are many examples of successful social entrepreneurs around the world.