Lock Pick Set Professional


lock pick set professional

The right lock pick set professional can be an essential tool for a locksmith or hobbyist, especially if one is looking to learn the art of lock picking. However, it is important to understand that this is a criminal offense in some jurisdictions and those who carry picks must be prepared for possible legal issues if they are discovered. Hobbyists can often be exonerated if they are able to prove that they carried the picks for legal reasons and did not intend to commit a crime with them.

Mastering Lock Picking: The Tools of Professional Lock Pick Sets

A typical lock picking set will include several different types of picks, including a half-diamond, short hook, medium hook, snake or bogota rake, saw rake, and a ball pick. These picks are all made of hard finished clock-spring steel and tempered to the correct degree of hardness for opening wafer, six or seven pin tumbler locks. The hook picks are shaped differently and are used for picking individual pins in the lock without affecting neighboring ones or raking, while the half-diamond and full-diamond are commonly used for raking and wafer and disk locks.

Some lock pick sets for sale come with a variety of handles to increase the comfort and grip of the picks. Some of these handles are thermal dipped or skeletonized to make them more durable and easier to hold. Others are made of a more flexible material, such as laminated ripple handle, to give the picks added strength and flexibility.

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