Day: October 2, 2023

3G Pitch Resurfacing3G Pitch Resurfacing

3G Pitch Resurfacing

3G Pitch Resurfacing an old sand-filled football pitch with third-generation artificial grass has many benefits for a school, leisure centre or sports club. Not only does it improve the quality of sport playing and safety but the facility can also be rented out in the evenings for training or other sporting events to help generate income for the organisation.

3G sports pitches are an excellent alternative to a natural grass surface and are popular throughout the UK. They perform extremely well in all weather conditions meaning that matches don’t have to be postponed or abandoned due to heavy rain leaving huge muddy puddles or extreme heat turning the organic grass brown.


The specialist combination infill of rubber crumb and sand helps protect the organic blades from damage caused by heavy tackles and provides excellent ball roll. The pitches can be used for a variety of sports including soccer, rugby and cricket. The pitches are very popular with schools and colleges as they can be utilized all year round meaning PE classes don’t need to be canceled due to the weather.

Like any synthetic surface, a 3G pitch requires regular maintenance both in-house and by a professional contractor. It is recommended that the pitch is brushed at least twice per week using a drag brush and more often if the pitch is in regular use. This will help to prevent infill migration where the rubber infill moves toward the edges of the pitch exposing the synthetic turf carpet and reducing performance levels. It is also important that the drainage system is not blocked and that foreign materials (litter, leaves, soil etc) are regularly removed to stop them from clogging up the infill layer or carpet drainage holes.