Electric Fence Kit by Parmak


electric fence kit

A electric fence kit fence is an excellent way to prevent meddlesome garden pests from helping themselves to your hard-earned harvest. This small animal electric fence kit offers true DIY performance and precision-fitting components. It uses low-impedance power to power a 1-acre area and is quick and easy to install. It’s the perfect solution for landscaping terrace gardens, protecting new plantings and deterring small animals and pets.

Securing Your Space: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Installing an Electric Fence Kit

A component called a power energizer converts battery power into a high voltage pulse that runs along connected bare wire. When an animal touches both the energizer and a metal rod implanted in the ground (called a ground or earth rod), it completes an electrical circuit, resulting in a harmless but effective electric shock. The pulse is delivered in a short burst every second and can be adjusted by the power energizer to match your property’s specific needs.

Energizers are the “heart” of electric fence systems and it is critical to choose a quality one. This AC-powered charger by Parmak is built in the US and can be used to power a single-wire or a multi-line high tensile fence on 30-80 acres. It features a digital meter that displays the exact voltage and is easy to read. This charger is also designed to stay charged at all times, even during cloudy weather.

This essentially tool-free electric fence kit can be installed in 1-hour or less. The system uses mild but persuasive shocks to train nuisance animals like rabbits, raccoons, ground hogs and skunks to keep away from gardens, yards and hobby pond areas. It operates on 6 ‘D’ cell batteries and is safe for pets and humans.

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