Polishing Tumbler Machine


A polishing tumbler machine is an efficient way to produce a beautiful shine on metal parts. They produce an excellent finish and are easy to operate. They can be used for a variety of applications, from cleaning cartridges to polishing brass. The tumbler barrel rotates to create friction between the metal parts and the abrasive media or compound. The tumblers are inexpensive and can process a large number of parts at once.

Factors to Consider When Achieving High Performance

The CL-150 Metal polishing tumbler machine is ideal for the most demanding finishing processes. It is available in several standard sizes and can be customized to meet specific applications. Its high wear-resistant polyurethane material lining reduces the coefficient of friction and improves media life. It also features a stress-relieving internal chamber section that optimises tumbling action. Random check functionality is a great feature of this machine and will allow you to check the working process at any time.

The tumbling time depends on the hardness of the stone and the degree of smoothness desired in the coarser stages. Some people will tumble their stones with rough grit for weeks to achieve the desired shine. After the tumbling process, they can then add rock polish to the stones and watch them become shiny. However, if the rock polish is not as effective as you would like, a burnishing process may be needed.

Choosing the right media for your polishing tumbler machine is crucial in achieving the desired result. There are a number of types of media and the media size and composition are essential to the quality of the end result. A horizontal barrel has more capacity than an oblique barrel and tumbles the parts more effectively. A horizontal barrel is also water-tight, which is a bonus. You should fill the barrel up to half full with materials for tumbling. Then add water, compound, and lubricant to the mixture.

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