Day: July 5, 2024

Fast Food Digital Menu Board SoftwareFast Food Digital Menu Board Software


Digital signage is a critical marketing tool in the fast-service food industry. Total revenue in the sector hit $263 billion not too long ago, and operators eager to sit down to a slice of that pie need to think creatively about how they can drive more sales. That often means integrating innovative types of technology, including fast food digital menu board software software.

Cost-Effective Digital Signage Solutions for Schools

Digital menu boards display a variety of menu items and beverages on eye-catching HD screens in QSRs. They are a modern alternative to traditional paper menus and offer restaurants much more flexibility to change their promotional content, enabling them to respond quickly to changes in inventory or seasonal specials. They also provide an opportunity for effective up-selling by promoting side dishes or desserts alongside their main offerings.

The ease of editing digital menus and their ability to be scheduled to change at specific times of the day or day of the week allows fast-casual restaurants to highlight a particular item for one day, or a special to coincide with a popular promotion. Images speak louder than words, and customers have been known to add an extra item to their order if a particular picture catches their eye.

Restaurants can stay FDA compliant by easily adding calories, fat, sodium, carbs and protein details to each item on a digital menu board. They can also send updates to single locations, groups of locations or all locations at once with the right digital signage software.