The Cool Texas Flag Could Talk


In the 2×3 flags of 1835, at the Battle of Gonzales, a group of Texans repelled Mexican forces with a flag that said “Come and Take It.” The victory, which led to the formation of the Republic of Texas, gave birth to a state emblem and sparked a revolution. The new flag had to be distinct, recognizable, and symbolic of the state’s values. It would be something that could represent Texans to the world and motivate them to continue fighting for their independence.

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The current flag, emblazoned with a red star in the center of a blue field and surrounded by white stars, is a result of this ongoing struggle. Its design is credited with giving rise to the Lone Star State nickname. Today, it can be found on everything from hats and neckties to food truck menus and license plates. It is even displayed in state ad campaigns and tattooed on people’s bodies.

It is one of the most recognized symbols in the world, but it is also a symbol of the state’s unyielding pride and go-it-alone spirit. And it is still a powerful reminder of the tumultuous history that has shaped Texas into what it is today.

But if that flag could talk, what might it say? The evocative flag, after all, is steeped in a rich narrative and visuals that hint at the storied past of this unique American state.

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