How to Grow Permanent Marker Weed


Every day, new marijuana strains are created, some of them great hybrids while others are groundbreaking and delectable in their own right. Permanent Marker is a 2022 strain that combines the best characteristics of its parent cultivars, namely Biscotti, Jealousy, and Sherb Bx. Floral and candy flavors dominate this unique high. This high evokes memories of the past and allows for a mental vacation, making it a perfect daytime relaxant.

What are the uses of permanent marker?

In terms of appearance, permanent marker weed has spade-shaped bright emerald-green nugs with a vibrant purple hue and long orange hairs. It also has a sweet, buttery solid funk flavor that is complemented by subtle notes of flowery gas.

Despite its sativa heritage, permanent marker weed does not cause any drowsiness. Instead, it offers a profound body relaxation that calms aches and pains. It also promotes creative thinking and stimulates the appetite, a feature that makes it ideal for patients with chronic nausea or eating disorders. Its relaxing effects also help alleviate stress and depression.

Growing permanent marker weed is simple, especially if you use the Sea of Green cultivation technique. This method involves planting many small plants rather than a few large ones, which will help your crop to mature earlier and increase your yield. You will need a few supplies to grow this strain, including Permanent Marker cannabis seeds, filtered water, and tweezers. To plant the seeds, place one paper towel on a dinner plate and soak it in water until it is completely wet.

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