Credit Card Eligibility Checker – How to Find Out If You’re Eligible For a Credit Card


A credit card eligibility checker can help you find out whether you’re eligible for a particular card. This tool is free and easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to complete. It will show you your eligibility for a particular card and the credit limit you can expect to receive. There are a few restrictions, however, so make sure you’re not eligible for anything that will damage your credit rating. For example, you must be over 18 years old, have a regular annual income, and have no CCJs or bankruptcies on your record.

What information do I need to use the eligibility checker?

Most credit card providers offer this service, and it can be very useful for those with a poor credit history. Typically, these providers will do a soft search of your credit file, which does not leave a permanent footprint. When you fill out a full application, however, you’ll be required to do a full search on your credit file. This will leave a footprint on your credit report, which is visible to other lenders.

Using a credit card eligibility checker is a good way to know if you’re eligible for a card before submitting a full application. Not all applications will be accepted, and too many applications within a short time can damage your credit rating.

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